Mental Health Support Resources
Urgent Needs:

If you feel that someone is in danger to themselves or others, call 911 immediately.

If you or someone you know is in crisis requiring immediate psychiatric attention you can:

  • Go directly to the Emergency Department at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre located at One Hospital Drive, Peterborough


  • Contact the Four County Community Mental Health Crisis Response Program (see 4 Counties Crisis Line, below) Call 705-745-6484 or 1-866-995-9933

Both services are free, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4 Counties Crisis Line

Call 705-745-6484, or toll free: 866-995-9933
24 hour hot-line that provides professional crisis intervention support. Mobile Crisis Intervention Workers provide assessment, supportive counselling, intervention and referral to community resources as appropriate. The team provides support both through telephone intervention and outreach. Those with longer-term needs may be assessed and referred to one of four short-term case managers of Four County Crisis to receive up to 12 weeks of intervention and support in their community.

Mental Health Services – Canadian Mental Health Association

TALK NOW Mental Health and Addictions clinic is a virtual clinic for people over the age of 12 in the Peterborough region. TALK NOW provides free counselling sessions with mental health and addictions professionals, as well as access to a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in mental health care. TALK NOW is an easy-to-access service offered four (4) days a week – every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding statutory holidays, between 8:30 am and noon.
Call 705-876-5826

Free Counselling Services for those in need:

At Pathway Church we believe that professional counselling from qualified individuals can be a vital component to any person’s journey toward health.  Many individuals and families have access to this type of resource through their workplace or benefits programs, others do not.  Pathway Church has partnered with Shalem Mental Health Network in order to make professional counselling available free of charge to those in our church who are in need.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Shalem Mental Health Network

What is the Congregational Assistance Plan (CAP)?

  • CAP is an anonymous, confidential, professional counselling service.

  • Through CAP you can receive free counselling from a qualified, Master’s – degree level Christian Therapist.

  • There is no cost to you to use CAP for up to 6 sessions (This service is funded by Pathway Church)

Who can use the Congregational Assistance Plan?  

  • Regular attenders of Pathway Church who are unable to afford or access counselling services.

How can I access these resources if I qualify?

  • There is no cost to you to use CAP – Simply call Shalem directly at 866-347-0041 or contact Shalem by email at

  • Shalem will have a list of our regular attenders on file.  If your name is not on the current roster, please contact our Connections Pastor at to discuss.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have resources to pay for counselling or benefits through work, you can still call Shalem to find a great counsellor, or contact our church offices at 705-775-5697 and we can provide you with a short list of local options.  Some workplace benefit programs include EAP (exceptional access programs) which may cover the cost of counselling services.  Individual short term counselling can also be accessed through your family doctor if you have one.

Additional Resources:

Focus on the Family

Call 1-800-661-9800
Available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time (BC). We have registered, professional counsellors who are committed Christians with ministry experience. If a free one-time consultation would be helpful for you, please call and ask to speak to the care associate who will arrange a time for you to speak with a counsellor. You also have the opportunity to submit a prayer request on line at

Canadian Mental Health Association Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge (CMHA HKPR)

Call (705) 748-6711 or 1 (866) 990-9956
In an emergency please call the 4 Counties Crisis Hotline above. Whether you are looking for
information on C.M.H.A. H.K.P.R. programs and services, brochures about specific mental health
diagnoses, or a list of community resources, we hope to help you find what you need.

Telecare Distress Peterborough

Call 705-745- 2273
We are a local call center which offers a non-judgmental, confidential listening ear to anyone in need. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of trained, caring volunteers willing to listen.
Telecare Peterborough is free to call.

YWCA Support and Crisis Line (Domestic violence support)

Call 1-800- 461-7656, or text 705-991- 0110
24 hour hot-line with counsellors available to you or someone you know who needs help in a situation of domestic violence. Counsellors can help answer questions, provide resources and develop a safety plan.

Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre – 24-7 Crisis Support

Call 1-866- 298-7778, or access 24/7 texting support – 705-710-5234
The Crisis Support Line is a confidential service available 24-hours a day. Unconditional and
nonjudgmental support and information is available to individuals of both recent and historical sexual
assault, as well as other forms of sexual violence.  If you have been recently assaulted, we will help you
find the right response for yourself and will assist you in accessing hospital services if necessary.  Friends or family members supporting a sexual violence survivor may also call the line for support. Anyone under 16 years of age will be provided with an appropriate referral for services.

Kids Help Phone

Call 1-800- 668-6868, text 686868or click here to chat online gives you more details on getting connected as well as a number of resources to help support you. This is a 24-hour, anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. This service is completely anonymous and confidential – we don’t trace calls, we don’t have call display. You don’t even have to tell us your name if you don’t want to.

Teleheath Ontario

Call 1-866- 797-0000
Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service you can call to get health advice or information. A
Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hospice Peterborough

Call 705-742-4042
Receiving the news that you or someone in your family has a serious, possibly life-threatening illness is
terrifying. The last thing you want to think about is dying. However, hospice palliative care can be an
invaluable resource to you and your family. Hospice connects you with many services that you will find
helpful – wellness programs, support groups, the chance to connect with others going through the same situation. You will be welcomed by knowledgeable, caring staff and volunteers whose primary goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable.

Whether you are living with a life-threatening illness, caring for someone or grieving, Hospice Peterborough can help guide you through all the challenges, changes and difficult decisions you and your family are facing.

Go to the Hospice Peterborough YouTube channel to view the Grief 101 Series.

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

Call 1-888- 230-3505
24-hour confidential hotline answered by an Information and Referral Specialist. We will ask you for
some non-identifying information like the name of your city or town. This helps us give you information about services where you live. We also listen, provide support, and offer strategies to help you get started. We are here to help you with information, not to judge. A free 24/7/365 call centre which offers a confidential, non-judgemental listening ear to anyone in need. This centre is staffed by trained volunteers.

Canada Suicide Prevention Services

In an emergency situation call 911.
If you are thinking about suicide, know someone who is thinking about suicide or have lost someone to suicide, get support.  Call 1-833-456-4566  available 24/7 or text 45645 between 4pm and midnight. For more resources click on the website link above.

Abide App

Christian meditation app to stress less and sleep better. Find deep rest with our bedtime stories, as you listen to stories based off the Bible. Wake up with our daily meditations that will fuel your mind for the day ahead.

Bounce Back

BounceBack® is a cognitive behavioural therapy-based skill-building program designed for people aged 15+ with mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. It is an evidence-based program (meaning there’s research to back it up) that has shown an almost 40% decrease in anxiety and depression among its participants. Besides the fact that it’s free, there is also no need to travel anywhere (you can do it from your couch) AND you are guaranteed access within 5 business days (unless you choose the video format option, which is immediate).

See the website for more details.

Wellness Together Canada

Get connected to mental health and substance use support, resources, and counselling with a mental health professional.  We all have different needs. Wellness Together Canada allows you to choose from a variety of resources to motivate and support your wellness journey

Anxiety Canada

This site has a number of resources to help each of us cope with the anxiety we may be feeling in these times of increasing uncertainty and rapid change caused by Covid-19.